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Our legal topics pages are here to help you do your own legal research and draft your own documents. Because sometimes, you want to do the heavy lifting yourself. And we want to help you get started.

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Sometimes securing the perfect domain name means checking a couple boxes and making a payment. Sometimes you need a little extra help.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is complex and expansive. We’ve highlighted some common intellectual property topics to help you better understand your IP rights.


Whether you’ve been handed a contract to sign or are looking to create a contract yourself, we’re here to help you understand contract basics.

Estate Planning

There’s a lot to consider when organizing your estate, and it’s important to know what your options are. We’ve broken down estate planning essentials so that you know what’s needed to protect your assets, your wishes, and your family.


It’s never too early to begin expanding your knowledge of employment law. We’ve dug into some key employment law topics so that you can get all your questions answered whether you're a business owner, an employer, or an employee.

Entity Formation

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to entity formation. From LLCs to corporations , we’ve broken down what you need to know to start your business.

Rental Properties

Understanding your rental property rights is always beneficial whether you're a landlord, a tenant, or a rental housing applicant.

Real Estate

Buying and selling property means interacting with numerous forms and documents. We're here to help explain what these documents mean.

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