Access to lawyers is too expensive and the process of reaching a lawyer takes too long. These realities are so ingrained, so normalized, that many have ceased to see them as problems with solutions.

But at Law on Call—the first nonlawyer-owned licensed law firm in the United States—we’re creating a new normal. We believe you shouldn’t spend weeks or months waiting to speak to a lawyer. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars just to get a plan in place. You shouldn’t be edged out of the system simply because you don’t have time or money to waste.

You should be able to ask a legal question, have a licensed lawyer immediately answer it, and get easy access to the legal work or legal services you need.

Who We Are

At Law on Call we’re change-makers, outside-the-box thinkers, and ready for a new era in the legal industry just like you are. What makes us different?

Because Law on Call is a nonlawyer-owned law firm, our lawyers are allowed to focus solely on what they do best—give helpful legal advice and provide stellar legal services.

It seems simple enough—to let everyone focus on their chosen trade—but it’s an approach the legal industry has too long shirked. No longer. Not at Law on Call.

How We Got Here

The idea for Law on Call was percolating long before it could be put it into action. Owned by Northwest Registered Agent—one of the largest providers of registered agent and business formation services in the country—Law on Call builds upon the trust and knowledge that Northwest has been generating for years. We’re thrilled to be the first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the U.S., but in case this model doesn’t seem that remarkable to you, let us provide some backstory.

For decades, only lawyers have been allowed to own U.S. law firms. This was supposed to be the safest option for clients, the least likely path to conflicts of interest. In practice, it’s meant lawyers have not only provided legal services, they have had to oversee marketing, business operations, accounting, human resources, records, and so on. As lawyers’ duties grow, their ability to focus on clients wears thinner.

Nonlawyer law firm ownership became legal in (part of) the U.S. in August 2020 when a unanimous Utah Supreme Court decision led to the Utah Legal Regulatory Sandbox. With accessibility and equity in mind, the Sandbox—overseen by the Supreme Court’s Office of Legal Services Innovation—allows approved applicants like Law on Call to offer Utah legal services in innovative ways.

To learn more about our initial vision for Law on Call and the legal services we’re authorized to provide, read our Sandbox authorization letter and application.

Where We’re Going

For now, we’re testing the waters in Utah as we eagerly wait for other states to get on board.

Some states, like Arizona, have already implemented reforms. (We’re hoping to launch in Arizona soon—stay tuned.) Other states, like California, have regulatory sandbox plans under way. Plus, Illinois, New York, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Connecticut are in various stages of their own law firm regulatory innovation.

To put it mildly, the loosening of law firm regulations is a big deal. It has the potential to completely upend the legal industry, take the focus off of billable hours (have we mentioned that we hate billable hours?), and put the focus back on you.

What We Offer

With $9 a month Law on Call service, you get immediate phone access to licensed lawyers. There’s no limit on how often you can call, and no cap on how many minutes you can spend on the line. If your legal needs go beyond having questions answered, we can help there, too. Our lawyers are available for legal work starting at just $99 an hour.

It’s a new era in the legal industry. We hope you’ll join us.
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Our Nonlawyer Ownership

Law on Call is owned by Northwest Registered Agent. Here’s some legal language about what this nonlawyer-ownership model means:

This service is being provided by an entity that is not a traditional legal provider. This entity is owned/managed (fully or partially) by nonlawyers who are not subject to the same rules as lawyers. If you have questions, please contact us at 801-889-1980.