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At Law on Call, we’re reshaping the legal services industry. No evasive assistants. No paralegals. No retainer fees. You get direct access to licensed attorneys for the legal advice and legal work you need.

What is Law on Call?

We're the first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the United States.

What Does Law on Call Do?

We make legal advice and legal services accessible and more affordable.

Our Legal Services

Legal Advice

  • $9 a month subscription
  • Instant Legal Advice
  • Unlimited Calls
  • First 2 Months FREE
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Legal Work

  • Hire us to do your legal work for you.
  • Get low hourly rates with your Law on Call subscription.
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A Closer Look at Law On Call

The legal world is a relic of the pre-digital world. There, Tradition is King. Billable hours reign. Many lawyers spend too much time jockeying for advancement instead of practicing law and serving their clients’ needs.

At Law on Call, we couldn’t care less for that world. We’ve upended the whole idea of the traditional law firm and invented an approach to legal services answering to the needs of the modern business, the modern consumer, and the modern world.

Every innovation has a unique story.

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What You Get with Law on Call

Our services are divided in two: legal advice and legal work.
Here’s what each service includes:

$9 a Month Legal Advice

This is our basic offering. When you sign up for Law on Call, you pay $9 a month and get instant, unlimited phone access to our team of licensed attorneys.

With your subscription, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have a lawyer on hand who can help you make sound legal decisions for your business.

This is a subscription-based service that allows you to:

  • Call any time (within business hours!).
  • Bypass the tradition of setting up meetings/calls with an attorney.
  • Talk to a lawyer—right away.
  • Ask your legal questions—whatever they are.
  • Get instant legal advice from our team of licensed attorneys.
  • Call again and again if that’s what you need. There are no limits.

Legal Work at Low Hourly Rates

Sometimes legal advice can only go so far. Sometimes you’ll need a practiced hand (a trained lawyer’s hand) to create crucial legal documents for you, whether it’s creating an operating agreement for your LLC, writing a will, developing a lease agreement, or more.

Here’s how our hourly rates break down based on the lawyer’s years of experience:

  • 10+ years = $250/hour
  • 7-10 years = $200/hour
  • 3-7 years = $150/hour
  • 1-3 years = $99/hour

You get to control your costs by selecting your lawyer’s preferred years of experience, and you can set the amount of time the lawyer is authorized to work. Once you sign up for your $9 a month Law on Call subscription, you can make a request for these additional legal services in your online account, and even email us documents related to the legal work you need. It’s that easy.

At Law on Call, we can do legal work in the following areas:

  • Business
  • End of Life Planning
  • Rental Housing
  • Real Estate

How do we keep costs so low?

Law on Call is owned by Northwest Registered Agent, one of the biggest registered agent and business formation service providers in the U.S. With our operational costs absorbed by Northwest, we’re able to focus on providing you top-tier legal services at the lowest prices possible.

Plus: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all the legal work we do. That’s how confident we are that we can keep your experience streamlined and cost-effective. You’ll get solid estimates on how long your legal work will take and how much you’ll pay, so there will be no surprises—only sound legal work at affordable prices.

Articles on Legal Topics

In our view, the legal profession has kept its secrets long enough. We want to share our knowledge and experience with our clients and the general public—and we want to do so free of charge. To this end, we maintain an ever-expanding list of articles on Legal Topics that you can access on our website any time.

Explore Articles on Legal Topics

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How Traditional Law Firms Work

One of the best ways to understand Law on Call is to see how different we are from a traditional law firm. So, how does a traditional law firm work? It’s basically a series of hoops you have to jump through—whether your goal is to talk to a lawyer and get legal advice or get actual legal work done for your business.


You’ll call the law firm and talk to a legal assistant. After hours or even days of waiting, a paralegal will return the call to help figure out what you need.


Then, you’ll wait for the law firm to do a conflict check. If you pass that, you’ll set up a call to talk to a lawyer, and it will usually cost you $100 or more.


You’ll talk to a lawyer (finally), then wait around for a few more hours, or days, before a legal assistant sends you an engagement letter.


When you send the engagement letter back, you’ll typically pay a retainer fee (upfront costs) based on the lawyer’s estimates for the fees you’ll pile up to get your legal work done.


Now, several days have gone by. You’ve already spent money and the work hasn’t even started yet. Finally, you’ll hear back from the lawyer, who will lay out a plan to get your work done.


Eventually, after many days, or even weeks have gone by, you’ll get to review a draft of the document your attorney prepared for you.


The legal bill for the work is huge; you pay it, because that’s what you agreed to do. But you’re left feeling unsatisfied, even if the final product is done well, because it took so long and cost so much.

How Law on Call Works

The situation couldn’t be more different at Law on Call. Like a traditional law firm, we’re licensed to practice law, but we don’t adhere to the complex hierarchies (and endless waiting) that characterize traditional law firms.

We also stand in stark contrast to legal service plans, which promise attorney access and legal services (for a few dozen to hundreds of dollars a month). But legal service plans leave many to discover that what they get is inferior to what they were sold—with fleeting attorney access and endless unexpected fees.

Law on Call is unlike our traditional law firm and legal service plan counterparts. This is because we’re a nonlawyer-owned law firm with upfront services and pricing, and we don’t have to conform to the old-timey restrictions that shackle our competitors.

Here’s what truly separates Law on Call:

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We took the tradition of a law firm owned by lawyers and threw it out.

Our law firm is owned by nonlawyers focused on delivering unmatched customer service, and we’re the first of our kind in the United States.

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We took the whole notion of “billable hours” and threw it out too.

Our lawyers don’t make more if they bill you more. They make more when they take your legal questions, offer accurate (and understandable!) legal advice, and do a killer job on any legal work you need.

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We’re part of the Utah legal Sandbox.

We’re not alone in our vision. We created Law on Call with the support of the Utah legal regulatory Sandbox—an initiative created under the guidance of the Utah Supreme Court that aims to make legal services more accessible and less dependent on archaic traditions. (Read our Sandbox authorization letter and application.)

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Everyone at our law firm does what they do best.

Administrative tasks? Those go to administrators. Marketing tasks? Those go to marketers. Our lawyers happily do what they’re trained to do—give legal advice and practice law—no more, no less.

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This service is being provided by an entity that is not a traditional legal provider. This entity is owned/managed (fully or partially) by nonlawyers who are not subject to the same rules as lawyers. If you have questions, please contact us at 801-889-1980.